Rat Rodent Proofing Survey Alton Hampshire September 2022 HWPC Pest Control

Rodent Proofing Survey Alton September 2022

Rodent Proofing Survey In Alton September 2022

A new client in Alton.  Our customer had the unfortunate problem of seeing rats in their kitchen on a fairly regular basis,  so asked us to provide a rodent survey.

At this address in Alton the client contacted me later the same day to say he had caught a rat already. Taking the time to properly research rodent access points pays off.

Rat Rodent Proofing Survey Alton September 2022 HWPC Pest Control Hampshire

Baiting the traps is easy enough, but consideration is needed for monitoring these access points prior to the holes being sealed,  otherwise, there is the possibility of trapping the vermin inside.

Once there is no sign of further access and we are confident of no further rodent activity inside, work is carried out on the identified access points areas, with a view to permanently sealing them from future intrusion.

Rodent Proofing FAQ

Q. Do you carry out the building work required for rodent proofing?
A. Yes, we provide an all-in-one service, providing the construction work and materials to prevent further access.

Rat Entry Point Rodent Proofing Survey Alton September 2022 HWPC Pest Control Hampshire

Rodent Intrusion Prevention, Alton Hampshire

Prevent rats and other rodents from entry to your homes and businesses. During a rodent proofing survey, we locate access points used by rats, mice and squirrels and set luminous dyes in order to follow their trail throughout the building.

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HWPC Rodent Control Alton Hampshire

HWPC rodent control technicians are registered NPTA members. Meet the standards set by thinkwildlife.org and follow industry best practice & CRRU code.

On request DBS certification for pest control technician attendance at schools and care homes, our East Hampshire prices beat all national ‘brand pest control service quotes’.

If you are looking for rodent control in Alton Hampshire we are a local pest control firm and can help you with all types of rodent control and rodent proofing. .