Biocide Treatment In Chiddingfold – Rodent Contamination Deep Cleaned

Biocide Treatment In Chiddingfold –  Deep Cleaning Rodent Contamination

A new client in Chiddingfold sent out an SOS after finding rats in their house!   Following the successful control of the rodents, it was time to prevent further access (a fault in the sewer system)  and fully treat all habitable arias with a ‘Deep Clean & Biocide Treatment‘.

With a persistent smell of ammonia, it was found that Rats had even made their way into the kitchen, setting up residence in the voice space under the kitchen units in this Chiddingfold home residence.
All areas were deep cleaned and sprayed with an industrial-strength biocide treatment, ensuring that these spaces were safe for human habitation again.
chiddingfold biocide treatment cleaning rodent smells urine faeces hwpc pest control for ratschiddingfold biocide treatment cleaning rodent smells urine faeces hwpc pest control for rats and mice

Biocide treatments are needed to kill the bacteria, fungi, protozoa and other viral organisms carried by rats (and other rodents).   These are the most common organic contaminants carried by rodents which can be transmitted to humans and animals.

Disinfection in areas of rodent activity protects the health and safety of humans and animals, by reducing the risk of contracting rodent-borne diseases.

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Animal Proofing FAQ

Q. Do you carry out the work required to prevent rodent access?
A. Yes, we provide an all-in-one service, providing any construction work and associated animal-proofing or plumbing materials in order to prevent further rodent access via the sewer system.

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HWPC Deep Clean & Biocide Services Hampshire

HWPC deep clean and biocide technicians are registered NPTA members. Meet the standards set by and follow industry best practice & CRRU code.

On request DBS certification for our deep cleaning technician attendance at schools and care homes, our East Hampshire prices beat all national ‘brand pest control & deep cleaning service quotes’.

If you are looking for deep clean and biocide services in east Hampshire, we are a local (non national) and can help you with make living spaces safe for human habitation. .