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Rabbit & Hare Control Services In East Hampshire

Rabbit & Hare Control In Hampshire

Rabbit clearance and management is done using various methods depending on the location and time of year

  • gas
  • traps and snares
  • fencing
  • ferreting
  • shooting
  • Exclusion

We will visit you location and assess the best method & plan to tackle your problem. Whether on farms, small holdings, Stables, gardens and business premises.

Rabbit & Hare Control Services In East Hampshire

Why Control Rabbits & Hares

Tunnelling rabbits can cause ground to become weak and unstable. This can be dangerous to cattle, horses and livestock in paddocks, fields and stables. Rabbits can cause expense damage to crops in agriculture areas and can ruin gardens in homes.

Loss of vegetation caused by Hares and Rabbits can lead to soil erosion. They can cause tree bark damage to young trees and plantations. There is also a legal obligation to control rabbits on land owners.

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HWPC Wildlife Control Services For Rabbits

HWPC wildlife control technicians are registered NPTA members. Meet the standards set by thinkwildlife.org and follow industry best practices & CRRU code.

Compliance – On request, DBS certification for a rabbit control wildlife technician attendance at places conscious of their security obligations. All technicians are emergency first aid trained.

If you are searching for ‘rabbit control near me’. Towns within easy reach for HWPC wildlife services include Bordon, Farnham, Haslemere, Petersfield & Aldershot.

Our East Hampshire rabbit control wildlife prices beat all national ‘brand pest control service quotes’.