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Mole Control, Traps & Capture Service Hampshire

Mole removal Services In Hampshire

Mole removal is often needed due to the damage caused by the excess soil deposited by tunnelling moles.

Early intervention is important in mole control as they can tunnel serval feet in one day. They enjoy moist conditions for easier digging.

Mole Control, Traps & Capture Service Hampshire

Effective Mole Control In East Hampshire

We offer quality mole control in Hampshire and nearby areas. We offer trapping as an effective method of control using humane techniques. Gassing can be conducted in areas where suitable. Treatments start from £75, multiple visits will be required to get a problem area under control.

Moles can have a large area and mole trapping can be an intensive process to get an area under control and free of moles.

Why Control Moles In Hampshire

European garden moles can do considerable damage to Lawns, formal gardens, fairways, green areas and sports grounds to name a few areas. Mole tunnels and there mounds can damage machinery, undermine structures and a concern for animals and livestock.

Our technicians will survey the area and decide the best course of action for your specific issue.

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HWPC Mole Control Technicians

HWPC technicians are registered members and meet the standards set by and

On request DBS certification for pest control technician attendance at schools and care homes, our East Hampshire prices beat all national ‘brand pest control service quotes’.

If you are looking for pest control near me.  Local towns served for HWPC pest control include Alton, Haslemere, Petersfield and Farnham.