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Step Into the Wild: Deer Stalking in Hampshire

The thrill of deer stalking on some of East Hampshire’s finest lands.

We offer a range of services from guided culls to trophy hunts, emphasising the ethical practices employed and sustainability in every expedition. 

Step into the wild with HWPC.

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Deer Stalking Hampshire – Experiences for Every Level of Hunter

Our east Hampshire stalking guided tours are designed for hunters of all skill levels and aim to provide a complete, responsible hunting experience.

From airport or station transfers to organising accommodation we are here to facilitate your entire hunting trip with us.

Fully organised and hassle-free, leaving you free to focus on learning, practising, and refining your deer stalking skills.

  • Parties Of Up To 4

  • One-to-One Guides

  • Set in 4,500sq acre’s
  • Roe Deer Stalking.

  • Muntjac Deer Stalking

  • Occasional Fallow Hunts

  • Photographic stalking expeditions

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Hunt Muntjac, Roe, and Fallow Deer in Historic Hampshire

Experience the tradition of deer stalking in Hampshire, spread over 4,500 acres of mixed arable land and woodland.

We offer hunts for individuals or groups up to four people.

Come stalk Muntjac, Roe, and Fallow deer with us.

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Roe Doe

A native breed to the United Kingdom, the Roe deer is also found in many parts of Europe.

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Fallow Deer

From Mediterranean Europe, Introduced to the United Kingdom by the Romans.

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Muntjac Deer

From Southeast Asia, the Muntjac Deer were introduced to the UK in and around 1900.

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Roe Buck

The Roe Buck, alert and fast.  A prized catch, the pinnacle of a hunter’s stalking skill.

Book Your Deer Stalking Adventure

A unique blend of adventure and conservation. Call now to schedule your deer stalking trip in East Hampshire, and contribute to sustainable wildlife management.

Ready to learn more or to book your trip?

t: 01420 613 044
m: 07786 597 443

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Stalking Essentials – Your Hunting Trip With HWPC

Our excursions involve navigating the fields and woods.

On a typical day… Meet us at our farm for a morning or afternoon stalk.  New clients will showcase their marksmanship at our woodland range while returning clients have the opportunity to fine-tune their rifles.  We can provide estate rifles for clients to use and familiarise themselves with before venturing out.

We then evaluate the weather conditions and proceed to our diverse hunting grounds, spanning 4,500 acres of mixed arable and woodland.

Our estate features numerous high seats in the woodland and open areas ideal for stalking, with each session lasting at least two hours. If successful in your hunt, the option to purchase the carcass is available.

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We cater to hunting groups of up to four, offering personalised one-to-one guided stalking across 4,200 acres of Hampshire’s picturesque countryside.  On application, we provide a fully detailed price list.

Scout & Guide

Pre-scouted stalking with one-to-one guide  £150 per 3 hr stalk

Muntjak Deer Hunting Prices

Muntjak deer prices start from £80.00

Roe Deer Hunting Prices

Roe deer prices start from £100.00

Fallow Deer Hunting Prices

Fallow deer prices start from £100.00

Trophy Measurements

Trophy Measure + ready to mount £100.00

  • Clothing: Wear season-appropriate, subdued-colored clothing to blend into the environment.
  • Footwear: Choose sturdy, waterproof boots for terrain and weather conditions.
  • Accessories: Don’t forget gloves, a hat, a face veil, and binoculars.
  • Stalking Gear: Bring your own stalking equipment if available.
  • Rifles: Estate rifles are available for use if you do not have your own.

Learn the art of deer stalking with a focus on sustainable and ethical hunting practices.

Our training sessions cover everything from basic skills to advanced techniques, ensuring you’re prepared for a responsible hunting experience.

Talk to us about one-to-one tuition.

  • Airports:
    • Southampton Airport: 30 miles away, approximately 40 minutes by car.
    • Heathrow Airport: 37 miles away, around 50 minutes by car.
  • Driving from Central London: 47 miles, roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • Nearest Train Station: Alton
  • Location: Our stalking area is situated on the Hampshire-Surrey border near Alton, GU34.
  • Nearby Towns: Alton and Farnham, both about 10 minutes away, offer a variety of good accommodation options.
  • Hotel Recommendations: Available upon request.

We follow wildlife and deer management standards set by The Deer Initiative,

The Deer Initiative is a broad partnership of statutory, voluntary and private interest groups dedicated to “ensuring the delivery of a sustainable, well-managed wild deer population in England and Wales”.

Find out more about the  Deer Initiative Standards here.

sustainable practices and ethical hunting deer stalking hunting hampshire hwpc

Sustainable Practices and Ethical Hunting

We adhere to the strictest standards of ethical hunting:

  • Humane Methods: Our stalking and culling methods are designed to be as humane as possible, minimising suffering and ensuring quick, ethical kills.
  • Buy Your Carcass:  If successful you can buy the deer carcass, we can assist with a local butcher if required.
  • No Waste: Every part of the deer, from meat to hide, is utilised, ensuring that nothing is wasted.
  • Health Benefits: Venison from culled deer is lean, nutritious, and sustainably sourced, providing an excellent alternative to factory-farmed meats.

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Deer Stalking – Essential for Wildlife Management

Deer stalking isn’t just about the hunt; it’s a critical tool in managing deer populations to maintain ecological balance and ensure the health of the herd.

Overpopulation can lead to habitat degradation and increased spread of disease.

By controlling deer numbers, we help preserve the environment and improve biodiversity.

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Contact HWPC Deer Stalking Services

Ready to learn more or to book your trip? Contact us at t:01420 613 044 or m:07786 597 443. Hunting in a responsible way to engage with nature through our expert-led deer stalking experiences. Your adventure into ethical and sustainable wildlife management starts here!

Wildlife Photography Experience

Experience the Thrill of the Hunt with Your Camera

Capture the majestic beauty of badgers, deer, and other local wildlife through your lens as you stealthily navigate through our extensive grounds.

Our experienced guides will lead you to the best spots for wildlife sightings, teaching you the art of moving quietly and observing without disturbing the natural behavior of the animals.