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Rodent Control Hampshire, Rats, Mice & Squirrels

Rodent Control In East Hampshire

Local rodent control in east Hampshire for rats, mice and squirrels. Situated conveniently between Alton, Haslemere, Petersfield & Farnham we can get to you within 20 minutes from setting off.

Rats, mice and squirrels can cause serious problems for homes, commercial properties, gardens and other wildlife.

They can chew through wiring, guttering and drainage systems. Plastic, wood and even cement and concrete. Their presence also raises health concerns due to the diseases these rodents are known to carry.

Pest control for a rat, mice and squirrel infestation is not as simple as just putting down some bait, and hoping for the best.

You need a professional rodent-control technician to ensure that the current population doesn’t become established.

How Do We Approach Rodent Control

When conducting rodent control we adopt the approach of Integrated Pest Management.

  • We will firstly conduct a survey to establish what the pest is, why rodents are on your property and most importantly how its getting in. We do this by using cameras, ultraviolet tracking and our skill and expertise in good rodent investigation.
  • We use an Integrated Pest Management plan to solve your rodent issue. This may be simple exclusion methods followed by trapping and baiting.
  • Finally, we will monitor your property for further signs of rodent activity. Often there is a structural defect in the drainage, guttering or a hole in building masonry. We can fix all areas of access.
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HWPC Local Rodent Control Services

HWPC rodent-control technicians attended regular professional development training. Meet the standards set by and follow industry best practices & CRRU code.

Compliance – On request, DBS certification for our rodent-control technician attendance at schools and care homes. All technicians are emergency first aid trained.

If you are searching for local rodent control near me. Towns within easy reach for HWPC rat, mice & squirrel control services include Bordon, Liphook, Haslemere, Petersfield & Aldershot.

Our East Hampshire rodent control prices beat all national ‘brand pest control service quotes’.

Rat Extermination Removal Proofing Decontamination Rodent Control Services In Hampshire HWpestcontrol

Rat Exterminator Service Hampshire

Rats exterminator services in Hampshire & surrounding areas. We provide a personal and discreet service enabling extermination removal and future prevention/proofing for all types of rat infestations.

Finding evidence of rat activity in your home or business premises should be acted on immediately – finding droppings that are 1-2cm long, damage to food packaging, wood or plastic, or shredded paper or cardboard means you need the services of a pest control expert.

80% of domestic rat infestations our due to drainage issues allowing rats access to your home. A detailed survey is key to good prevention. Theres no two clients the same, each client often presents its own special issue.

Environmental changes can make a significant impact. Removing food, water and safe harbourage can go along way to reducing your issue. This is achieved by cutting back excess undergrowth, removing garden clutter, removing waste food such as bird feeders and taking away water sources.

Mice Pest Control

Pest control for mice in Hampshire.  Mouse nests, made from finely shredded fibres such as paper, are often found in sheltered locations.  HWPC provide a personal and discreet service enabling the removal and future prevention of any type of mouse infestation.

Signs of mice infestation include droppings, fresh gnawing on furniture, tracks and rodent sightings.  Mice have a very short gestation period of around three weeks, with a litter reaching up to 16.  The young reach sexual maturity in as little as six weeks which means mathematically, that one pair of mice can result in 2,000 offspring in a single year.

Squirrel Control Removal Proofing Decontamination Rodent Control Services In Hampshire HWpestcontrol

Squirrel Control – Infestations & Removal

Known for causing more structural damage to properties than all other rodents, they are loud and may contaminate uncovered water tanks if they have taken up residence in your loft. Grey Squirrels are classed as vermin and will prey on birds’ nests, eating eggs & young. It is illegal to release a trapped Grey Squirrel and for this reason, people prefer an experienced squirrel control professional.

Due to the enquizitive nature of Squirrels an infestation is treated swiftly. Unlike rats Squirrels love to investigate new objects which aids control. Control of Squirrels in outside areas can be carried out, but this needs some careful consideration, since the cleared area may be re-occupied at a later point if it isn’t proofed correctly.

To control the squirrels we use a combination of trapping & exclusion. Legally, certain traps have to be checked daily so can only be used if this can be done. We also identify the entry points of the squirrels so we can undertake and advise on squirrel-proofing measures.