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Insect Control – Cockroaches, Cluster Flies, Fleas, Ants & Moths

Insect Pest Control Hampshire

We offer quick, safe, effective and responsive turnaround for insect pest control in east Hampshire.  Solutions to protect you, your property or your business from unwanted infestations of insects. For all crawling and flying insects.

As soon as you suspect you have insects please get in touch as early intervention is key to getting rid of unwanted insects. The scale of the insect infestation can be identified by placing insect monitoring devices to establish the extent.

While insects can sometimes take time to get under control, especially at a business address where food is involved, we will work to offer the swiftest solution possible.

Attending homes or businesses we conduct site surveys to understand the scale and type of insect infestation that is faced. Once established, we then outline a monitoring and treatment programme for implementation.

Insect Pest Control – The Pests We Treat

A list of the type of insects we control as part of the pest controlling service we offer in East Hampshire.

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HWPC Local Rodent Control Services

HWPC insect-control technicians are registered NPTA members. Meet the standards set by and follow industry best practices & CRRU code.

Compliance – On request, DBS certification for our insect-control technician attendance at schools and care homes. All technicians are emergency first aid trained.

If you are searching for local insect control near me. Towns within easy reach for HWPC control services for insects include Lasham, Liphook, Haslemere, Petersfield & Godalming.

Our East Hampshire insect control prices beat all national ‘brand pest control service quotes’.

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Ant Extermination & Removal Services

For much of the year, Ants can be an irritating problem, although they are far less active during the winter months.   In the UK the Black Garden Ant is noted as the species which causes the most infestations that require ant extermination and removal services.

Most ant colonies have a queen, the queen stays in the nest, which in the case of the Black Garden Ant is generally located underground. You need to kill the queen in order to achieve total eradication of an ant problem and please consider that there could be more than one nest!

Ant extermination & removal Bordon Hampshire - HWPC Pest Control

Carpet Beetle Treatment & Removal Services

Finding holes in your carpet, clothes and general upholstery in and around your home is the number one sign of carpet beetles. Although the name suggests they live within your carpet, they will also feast upon all sorts of fabric, clothing, furs, stuffed specimens – the damage is done by the larvae as opposed to the adults – as they are not fussy or scared when it comes to variety. If you have bugs in your carpet and suspect carpet beetles, your next step is knowing how to get rid of them. Carpet Beetle Treatment & removal services.

Carpet beetle larvae, known as ‘woolly bear’, are banded in appearance and covered in short bristles – up to 5mm. They look like small, furry caterpillars. Once wooly bears turn into grown beetles, they are a round shape with six legs and antennae, and there are a couple of different types. Varied or variegated carpet beetles can be a variety of colours: orange, black or with a white speckled appearance, and around 2 to 4mm long. Black carpet beetles look a little different, being all-black in colour as their name suggests.

Good house keeping can go along way to preventing carpet beetles but they will travel in on there own accord. Swift treatment with a good knock down effect and long residual effect is key to a good treatment.

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Bedbug Extermination & Bedbug Treatment Services

In recent years Bedbug extermination has been hampered by them developing resistance against some pesticides.  This has led to an increase in numbers and on a migratory point, they are taking advantage of the popularity of home rentals, and services such as Airbnb where they hitch rides on clothing and luggage resulting in the infestation of new homes and businesses.

Cockroach Extermination Decontamination Service In East Hampshire - HWPestcontrol

Cockroach Extermination Service Hampshire

Cockroaches are a health hazard. If they are found on commercial premises and left untreated and without a plan for cockroach extermination and decontamination, the Environmental Health Dept, may fine or close the business down.

If you have a cockroach problem you will see them both, dead and alive. They thrive in warm places and are most commonly found in laundry rooms, boiler rooms and kitchens. Particularly inside fridges (A fridge motor gives off heat constantly), cookers, boilers and washing machines.

Pest Control For Insects Hampshire Cockroaches Flies Fleas Ants Moths HW Pest Control

Cluster Flies, Flies & Mosquitos Pest Control Services

Cluster Flies (Polleniardis) are a common pest species in the UK. They are a pest in semi rural locations over dense urban areas. They are mainly a rural pest because of their life cycle. They are a parasitic pest species of fly that live in/on earthworms. The larval stage (Maggot) of the cluster fly lives inside earthworms from spring until the end of the autumn. At the end of the autumn the adult cluster flies leave their hosts, killing the poor earthworms in the process.

In late autumn or early winter you may notice hundreds, or even thousands, of cluster flies sunning themselves on the sun facing side of your house before they fly and crawl into your loft space or make their way into holes in your window frames! They may re-emerge if temperatures fluctuate, but as average temperatures drop, they will take up more permanent residency inside.

A huge variety of dangerous diseases are carried by flies and mosquitos.  Environmental health agencies are quick to enforce the terms specified in the ‘Food Safety Act 1955 and 1976’ when dealing with food in unhygienic conditions so a quick response for the pest control of flies is needed.

The identification of the specific fly species is an important factor in controlling infestations, as all flies have different habits, lifecycles, food types and sources.  pest control for fly infestations typically is achieved by locating and treating the breeding sites where the larvae exist, combined with a surface treatment of all the alighting surfaces.

Flea Extermination Decontamination Service In East Hampshire -

Flea Control Services

Flea control is needed when they take up residence and are living in their preferred habitat… the carpets.  They leave only to feed on the host animal, (typically a cat or dog); however if the host animal is not available then the fleas will instead feed on humans, often preferring women and children to men.

Flees should be treated with haste, as they can cause nasty bites and can transmit tapeworm.  Visitors to a home will be bitten and may even take fleas back to their own homes. The life  cycle of a flea is three weeks and its very important to disrupt the life cycle to prevent the infestation remains active. We do this by using the latest insecticides and treatments. We need you to help us do this by pre and post treatment advice which we will supply to you.

Our treatment will have a ‘Knock down effect’ followed by an Insect Growth Regulator to break the life cycle. This will have a residual effect which will last long enough to treat emerging fleas.

Moth Extermination Decontamination Service In East Hampshire -

Pest Control Treatments For Moths

Moths can lay as many as 200-300 eggs which in turn can hatch in a very short space of time (7-10 days) causing widespread destruction to many household fixtures and items.

Found in dark undisturbed places, such as under furniture, in drawers,  they can also be found beneath carpets and underlay, between floorboards and even skirting boards.  By the time you are thinking of pest control treatments for months, they are already at the point where they have multiplied and are out of control.

Costs for Moth Treatments

spider Control Extermination Pest Control For Spiders Insects Hampshire Wildlife Pest Control HWPC

Spider Control Pest Treatments For Spiders

In the UK  there are around 650 different species of spiders. Seasonal conditions and the availability of other insects they prey on, found in homes is a common reason for spiders to come inside.  If this problem has become unmanageable it is best to put the vacuum cleaner down and call in a spider control technician to handle the arachnid situation for you.

Wasp control and extermination - HWPC Pest Control

Wasp Control, Hornet Control & Relocation Of Bee Nests

Wasp control & nest removal in Hampshire for the control of wasps, hornets and bees.  The lifecycle of wasps and hornets is very similar.  They both feed on the same foods and change their habits with the seasons. In the Autumn they change their diet can cause a massive amount of damage to fruit in the Autumn.

Woodworm Treatment Extermination Hampshire Wildlife & insect Pest Control Hwpc

Woodworm Treatments In East Hampshire

The four main types of woodworm beetles that typically require woodworm treatments in UK properties are the ‘common furniture beetle, deathwatch beetle, house longhorn beetle and the powder Post beetle.