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Wasp Control Hampshire, Wasps, Hornets & Bees Removal

Wasp Control Hampshire – Hornets, Wasps & Bee Nest Removed

Wasp nest removal & pest control in Hampshire for the control of wasps, hornets and bees. The lifecycle of wasps and hornets is very similar. Hornets tend to mostly build their homes away from ours. Whilst Wasps seem to like to build their homes amongst us. We have the means to reach and access wasps in the most tricky of places.

They both feed on the same foods and change their habits with the seasons, for instance in the autumn they change their diet can cause a massive amount of damage to fruit. Wasps and wasp nests have a one year life cycle from the Spring to autumn and early winter.

Bee Nest Relocation

Contrary to popular belief, bees are not a protected species. However, they are integral to the entire ecosystem and as such are treated with the respect they deserve.

For this reason, it is HWPC’s policy not to use any insecticide against the bees unless it is absolutely necessary. All other options for providing a bee nest relocation must be exhausted first whilst preventing them from returning to the affected area.

Pest Control Prices For Wasps Hornets & Bees Nests

Cost of wasp-control, hornets, nest removal and bee relocation. Order insect control services.

  • Wasp nest treatment (including removal if accessible) – From £70.
  • Additional nests – From £30 per additional nest
  • Removal of dead nest – location and access dependent. From £65.
  • Bee nest relocation – From £65 plus attendance fee.
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HWPC Local Wasp Control Technicians

HWPC wasp-control technicians are registered NPTA members. Meet the standards set by thinkwildlife.org and follow industry best practices & CRRU code.

Compliance. On request, DBS certification for our wasp control technician attendance at schools and care homes. All technicians are emergency first aid trained.

If you are looking for local wasp control near me. Towns within easy reach for HWPC hornet, bee & wasp control services include Bordon, Alton, Haslemere, Petersfield & Farnham..

Our East Hampshire wasp control prices beat all national ‘brand pest control service quotes’.