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Loft Clearance, Room Preparation For Building Work

Loft Clearance In Hampshire

Clearing a loft is a tough job, one we are happy to do for you to a high standard.

Loft clearance in Hampshire for the removal of loft insulation, debris, rodent droppings & hover then Biocide treatment – HWPC Reclaim your loft space by removing fouled loft insulation and make safe for construction with biocide treatments.

Loft insulation can get ruined and fouled over the years by rodents, birds and water leaks. A free survey and quote is provided prior to undertaking our services.

Loft Clearance Deep Clean And Biocide Service In Hampshire HW Pest Control

Loft clearance preparation for all situations

  • The 1st stage is to make the loft safe to work in. We do this with a biocide spray.

  • Then we bag and seal in location before removing the old insulation

  • This is followed by hoovering and sweeping up all dust and waste.

  • We then apply a 2nd Biocide treatment to the now exposed loft areas, we will also apply an odourcide treatment if required.

  • Finally we will place CCTV and non toxic monitoring bait to assess rodent activity if required.

Types Of Bacteria & Diseases Found In UK Lofts

Evidence of Hantavirus infection has been found in UK commensal rodents. Hantavirus can lead to haemorrhagic fever in humans and is believed to be contracted by contact with or inhalation of dust from rodent droppings or urine.

Leptospira spp, which causes Leptospirosis (a.k.a. Weil’s disease) is carried by 14% of rats and 80% of mice. Salmonella spp can survive in rat faeces for up to 86 days. E. coli has been recovered from rodent faeces for over 36 weeks. A lot of waste was generated and removed.

This allowed the client to have a prepared loft ready for the builders to work in and fix a few structural issues and convert into a spacious new family room.

If you would like to talk to us about Loft clearance jobs in Hampshire and surrounding areas, please

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Hampshire Wildlife Pest Control Bordon Map Location And Local Work Areas - HWPC

HWPC Basement & Loft Clearance Services

HWPC house, basement & loft clearance practitioners follow industry best practices & CRRU code.

Compliance – On request, DBS certification for deep-clean and loft clearance attendance at places that require sensitivity and trust. All staff are emergency first aid trained.

If you are searching for loft or house clearance services near me. Towns within easy reach for HWPC deep-cleaning services include Milford, Fernhurst, Haslemere, Hindhead & Medstead.

Our East Hampshire loft clearance and deep clean prices beat all national ‘brand provider quotes’.