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Loft Clearance & Decontamination Little London Nr Andover

Loft Clearance & Decontamination In Little London Nr Andover

This loft in the Hampshire village of Little London Nr Andover was heavily contaminated with mice and rat droppings. We were called in to provide a full loft clearance and decontamination.

Decontamination is needed following the clearing and insulation removal to prevent the spread of micro-organisms and other contaminants like rodent faeces, urine, debris and dust.
Older insulation is often soiled and damaged as a result of the hibernation of rats, squirrels and even insect larvae. These deposits of contaminates can create
strong musky odours which can be hazardous to both humans and domestic animals while making your home or business unsafe and unhealthy.
Loft Clearance Decontamination Project Little London Nr Andover Hampshire HWPC

In most premises lofts are a void spaces, containing only roof trusses, water tanks, wiring and insulation and are rarely used unless converted into a living space. Typically most lofts are just full of dust and scattered debris.

This dust and debris is picked up by air currents and eventually flow throughout the house over time via small holes, gaps between pipes and even light sockets directly to the air we breathe.

Why Disinfecting The Loft Is Needed When Replacing Insulation

Before any new or replacement insulation is fitted into any home or business, we recommend a full deep clean, decontamination and disinfection to remove the micro-organisms and other contaminants such as rodent faeces and urine.

The first step in the disinfection process is to remove all the current insulation from the loft because even a one-square meter soiled roll can go on to re-contaminate the new insulation that is being fitted.

This old insulation is stripped out and packed in sealed rubbish bags ready to be transferred to the recycling centre.

After all the old insulation has been removed, we start with the loft cleaning, first with a suitable vacuum cleaner for removing all dust and debris.

When the loft is completely clean, we spray disinfectant, which removes the bad bacteria, odour and trace elements of rodent faeces that remain so that the air is breathable, without any risk to health.

After we have completed the decontamination and the loft cleaning, the new loft insulation can be installed.

Our client was very happy with this and delighted to realise new storage space within the home.

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HWPC Loft Clearance & Disinfectant Services Andover

HWPC loft clearance and disinfectant technicians are registered NPTA members. Meet the standards set by and follow industry best practice & CRRU code.

On request a DBS certification for our deep cleaning technician attendance at schools and care homes, our East Hampshire prices beat all national ‘brand pest control & deep cleaning service quotes’.

If you are looking for loft clearance and disinfectant services in Andover, we are a local (non national) and can help you make your loft space safe for human habitation. .