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Deep Clean, Decontamination & Disinfection Services

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Need Deep-Cleaning & Decontamination Services In East Hampshire?

Decontaminate spaces such as kitchens & bathrooms. Reclaim old rooms and lofts with our bespoke deep cleaning services available throughout Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Call us for the deep cleaning of dust-filled spaces such as lofts, decontamination of spaces contaminated with decay or animal faeces, and disinfection with Biocide services for the removal of a host of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

Kitchens, Bathrooms and other areas

We remove panels, kick boards, bathroom panels to allow us access to the hidden areas. We search for and remove rodent droppings and other debris. We then hoover and clean. This is followed by a biocide and disinfectant treatment using specialist products. This will kill all harmful bacteria and diseases and remove any foul smells.

Biological and hazardous deep cleaning services from HWPC.

  • Home & Loft Clearances In Hampshire

  • Schools & Nursery

  • Doctor’s Surgeries & Pharmacies

  • Offices & Government Buildings

  • Police Stations & Care Homes

  • Warehouses, Lofts & Celler’s

Disinfectant & Deep Clean Services

Disinfectant services where we use powerful biocides which will kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and Rickettsiales. We can treat all manor of structures and buildings from domestic, commercial and business locations including some sites listed here. Our employees are used to working in sensitive areas and are government vetted to SV level.

Foul Smell & Odourcide Treatments

We also provide odourcide treatments in locations where there are unpleasant and hazardous odours such as flood-damaged buildings, prisons, cess pits, animal processing, drains, demolition works, landfill sites, kennels and batteries, waste bin storage areas, maggot farms, sewage works, crime scenes and so on.

Good hygiene, cleaning regimes and removing the source of the odour are important. If that can’t be done then we can assist with a range of treatments.

Decontamination Services

Decontamination services for houses and buildings that have been plagued by rodent infestations often are left in the terrible situation of having hundreds if not thousands of rat & mice droppings & urine left in the loft. Leaving it as a no-go area for the occupants due to biohazards

Hantavirus can lead to haemorrhagic fever in humans and is believed to be contracted by contact with or inhalation of dust from rodent droppings or urine
Leptospira spp, which causes…

  • Leptospirosis (a.k.a. Weil’s disease) is carried by 14% of rats and 80% of mice
  • Salmonella spp can survive in rat faeces for up to 86 days
  • E. coli has been recovered from rodent faeces for over 36 weeks

We use specialist biocide disinfectants in the spaces before we start work to remove the immediate threat of coming into contact with diseases from rodents. We will carry out a full loft clearance of all contaminated items and insulation.

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HWPC Deep Clean & Decontamination Services

HWPC deep-clean & decontamination specialists follow industry best practices & CRRU code.

Compliance – On request, DBS certification for our deep-clean & decontamination technician’s attendance at places that require sensitivity and trust. All technicians are emergency first aid trained.

If you are searching for disinfectant, deep clean or decontamination services near me. Towns within easy reach for HWPC deep-cleaning services for include Milford Liphook, Haslemere, Hindhead & Medstead.

Our East Hampshire deep clean and decontamination prices beat all national ‘brand provider quotes’.

Animal Proofing - Rodent Proofing & Deep Cleaning Service East Hampshire Wildlife Pest Control

Rodent Proofing Services

Following your deep clean and decontamination, it is time to rodent-proof the area. 80% of domestic rat infestations are related to drainage. Of those infestations, most of them manifest in the loft via faulty gutting, soil vent pipes and faulty drainage.

Rats will often get to the roof spaces via open wall cavities or other entry points in the loft. As part of any deep clean treatment, our technicians will conduct a full survey to establish how the rodents are entering your premises.

With technicians trained to find entry points and we can offer solutions to seal them up, rodent proofing the room from future infestations.