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Animal Proofing Services Hampshire – Rodents, Foxes & Deer

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Animal Proof Services – Rodent-proofing For Homes & Business

Animal proofing, for the prevention of animals taking residence in human spaces. From anti-deer fencing to rodent-proofing your home.

Following an access survey, we provide an animal-proofing plan whatever the species, supply the necessary equipment and install it.

  • Rodent-proofing for mice

  • Rodent-proofing for rats

  • Squirrel-proofing

  • Fox proofing for henhouses & chicken enclosures

  • Deer & wildlife fencing

Rodent-Proofing For Rats & Mice

For under-the-door intrusion of mice and rats, we use quality rodent-proofing products such as Raxit door trims. Other rodent exclusion materials such as weld-mesh, wire wool, copper wire are used to cover holes, or bespoke metal plate.

Cement, concrete and bespoke rodent seals are used to fill and block off entry points such as pipework and masonry defects. Where needed CCTV surveys are conducted. CCTV is left in place to monitor rodent activity.

All potential entry holes and gaps in the walls, foundations and crawl spaces are sealed to make the room rodent-proof.

Squirrel Proofing Homes In Hampshire

Squirrel proofing services for homes and businesses in Hampshire. Squirrels chew anything that is not stone or concrete to wear down their sharp teeth, which never stop growing. As a result squirrels damage buildings more than any other type of rodent.

Like other species of rodents, their faeces and urine can transmit dangerous diseases, squirrels also carry a lot of fleas and ticks which will easily be transmitted to pets, typically resulting in a full-blown flea infestation.

Squirrel damage in homes can just about consist of anything. Any one thing around the property which isn’t made of concrete, stone or metal can be damaged via chewing on things to wear down their sharp teeth, which never stop growing.

For a squirrel, your home is a place where they can be safe to breed and with squirrel proofing, prevention is the best strategy.

Hampshire Wildlife Pest Control Bordon Map Location And Local Work Areas - HWPC

HWPC Animal Proofing Services

HWPC animal-proofing technicians attended regular training to keep there standards high. Meet the standards set by and follow industry best practices & CRRU code.

Compliance – On request, DBS certification for our rodent-proofing technician’s attendance at homes and businesses. All technicians are emergency first aid trained too.

If you are searching for rodent-proofing or general animal proofing services near me. Towns within easy reach for HWPC control services for insects include Lasham, Liphook, Haslemere, Petersfield & Medstead.

Our East Hampshire animal proofing prices beat all national ‘brand pest control service quotes’.

Fox-proofing Henhouses & Chicken Enclosures

Outside of farming, for chickens that are kept as working pets, any owner would tell you that all have a pecking order, personalities and gradually become part of the family,  fox-proofing the henhouse and chicken enclosure is the best way to ensure their safety.

The sad fact is that at some point, most chicken owners experience the loss and grief of their flock to a fox.  This is a preditor that will kill indiscriminately if it gets into a henhouse and will kill the entire flock given the opportunity rather than take just one bird.

There are a number of ways to protect your chickens from fox attack and these include sufficient perimeter fencing, the design of the coop/henhouse, electronic monitoring and repellents.   While fox-proofing your henhouse, where one finds chickens, you also tend to find rodents and we can proof the henhouse and to some extent the feeders from rats and mice too.

Fencing – Deer Proofing For Land & Gardens

We manage deer herds on farms and private estates and one of the functions of this role is to provide wildlife and deer-proofing services to prevent these animals from getting into an unmanaged space.

Finding the best solution for you, the deer and the environment, each deer intrusion is unique and requires an initial land/entry survey in order for us to provide impartial advice on what should be done to prevent further rouge deers from entering the garden or land.

From double fence layers, stockade and eclectic fencing to deer repellents.  We can even offer electrical deterrents such as motion-detected alarms and sprinkler systems to scare the deer away if they approach.